Write-in hanan wiseman for bedford town moderator

Vote Tuesday March 8th 7am-7pm at Bedford High School
About Me

About hanan

My wife Corinne and I have lived in Bedford with our four children since 2019. 

I grew up here in New England then joined the Air Force to pursue a career as an Air Traffic Controller. After the Air Force I was hired by the Federal Aviation Administration to continue my career as an Air Traffic Controller.

We were initially placed in Kentucky but really wanted to be home in New England so when I got the opportunity to transfer here to New Hampshire as an Air Traffic Controller at Boston TRACON we jumped at the opportunity.

We chose to settle in Bedford because of the schools and overall quality of life this beautiful town and community provide us and our children. Our children are all very active in local sports and extracurricular activities.

I am running for Town Moderator because this position is vitally important to maintaining the integrity of our elections. We MUST have a Town Moderator who holds himself accountable to the voters. There is no way for the public to trust the integrity of the elections if the people who oversee the elections aren’t trustworthy and transparent. 

If you give me the opportunity to represent you as Town Moderator, I promise to maintain complete transparency and accountability. 

I promise to always be open to all concerns you raise as a resident and will never conduct myself in a way that disrespects the voters in this town like my opposition has.

Issues and promises


Brian Shaughnessy stated that the Town Moderator does not report to the Town Council regarding elections at the November 17th 2021 Town Council Meeting. The Town Council members are all voters in Bedford and they are the elected representatives of the voters in Bedford. The Town Council absolutely should have been notified about a situation that directly impacts Bedford voters.

We need a Town Moderator who understands the importance of accountability to the voters of Bedford.

I will be that person for Bedford if elected on March 8th.


“I haphazardly gave legal advice” “I did not consult the Town’s Attorney.”

- Brian Shaughnessy Bedford Town Council Meeting 11/17/2021

On Shaughnessy’s legal advice, town officials kept the existence of 190 uncounted absentee ballots a secret from both the Town Council and the public for nearly a year. In the letter sent to voters dated October 21st 2021 town officials stated, “We were told not to discuss this with anyone, not even the Town Council, because it was a pending investigation.” -- This is a LIE!

“Our Office never instructed you not to tell anyone of the incident involving the 190 uncounted absentee ballots. We would not have issued such an instruction as it is at odds with our standard instruction to individuals involved in elections investigations.”

- Anne M. Edwards, General Counsel NH Attorney General’s Office 11/1/2021

Bedford Town Officials were not transparent about their mistake for nearly a year because of the “haphazard” and inappropriate legal advice of Brian Shaughnessy. Not the Attorney General’s Office, the Secretary of State or the Town’s Attorney.

We cannot have rogue agents like Brian Shaughnessy overseeing the integrity of our elections!


“The Attorney General's staff interviewed Bedford election officials in July 2021, and had follow-up conversations with Bedford election officials, during August and September, about the Town of Bedford’s need to provide notification to the 190 voters that their absentee ballots had not been counted during the 2020 General Election.”

- Anne M. Edwards, General Counsel NH Attorney General’s Office 11/1/2021

On November 17th 2021 at the Town Council Meeting. Brian Shaughnessy said, “They (Town Officials including Shaughnessy) asked for permission; they never got permission until it became public.”

This is yet another lie perpetrated by Brian Shaughnessy. The reality is that Brian Shaughnessy was the one who gave the “haphazard” advice to remain quiet.

As Town Moderator, I will always conduct myself with the utmost honesty and transparency. There is no way for the public to trust the institution of our elections if the people who oversee the elections are not committed to full disclosure and honesty.